Manufacturing of a riddlings chain conveyor

Specialist in incineration units for domestic and industrial waste.

TMIM sas has been developing and manufacturing ash extractors and riddlings chain conveyors for many years.


Our experience includes the conception, manufacturing and assembling on site.


We assure the annual maintenance of the material, which enables us great input from the field, and which in turn is immediately used by our own research department.


Thanks to this experience, our material advances every year.

Moreover, we propose to improve the existing material when feasible during our yearly maintanance.

We also guarantee a follow up of spare parts.

On the other hand, our line has improved options replying to the new expectations of operators.


Very specialized, our SMB has a human size which enables us to reply quickly to urgent demands and at the same time keeping an economical competitiveness for our customers.

We have several references in our sector. Constructors and factory operators have had confidence in us for many years.

As for assembling, our perfectly equipped team installs and puts in operation material manufactured at TMIM.

The construction site staff regulary attends trainings in security, jacking-up, truck driving, etc. This ensures high-quality construction sites always delivered on time.

In brief, our main objective is to grant our customers with a total satisfaction, and that across the whole company.


Main office : 375 Rue Jean Rostand ZI Grangeneuve

Tel : Fax :04 . E-mail :
European VAT number FR.82.411.756.067.
N° 411 756 067 RCS Romans Code APE 283C
Limited company of a capital of 40 000 €


Ash extractor with bottom opening system


Material renovation



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